Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Simplicity 2125 Wool Lined Skirt

I picked up this Simplicity pattern a few weeks ago because I really like the cardigan which is designed for knit fabrics.

I decided to make a skirt last week when it was cold and snowy but I didn't want to go to the store. I had a nice striped wool fabric which I've had for years, lining, zipper, etc. but couldn't decide which pattern to use. Since the fabric has stripes, I decided to keep it simple. I took a closer look at the the skirt which was included in 2125 and it had nice basic lines - 2 darts in front and back, back seam, back pleat. I wanted to try the construction technique described in Threads a few months ago in which the front lining is attached to the front FF at the waist, back lining is attached to the back FF at waist and then the side seams are sewn in one continuous seam from lining hem to FF hem. I sewed the darts separately in FF and lining but you can also sew those in one continuous seam after attaching lining to FF at waist. This type of construction allows for easy fitting and future alterations. I moved the zipper from the side seam to the CB seam.

The pattern did not include lining instructions but rather a twill tape band at the waist. I eliminated that and added a bias section of hair canvas to the waist for a little body and firmness at the waistline. I included this in the seam, knowing that there would be a foldover of the hair canvas which would add a little bulk but it turned out to be just exactly what I needed for a stable waistline.

waistband interfacing

This picture shows the front lining attached to the skirt front, the seam pressed
toward the lining and understitched.
waistband interfacing

Pinned and ready to stitch 1 inch side seams in one long continuous seam.
lined skirt construction

I love making these cute little thread chains to hold the skirt lining in place at the hem.
thread chain

The lining hand stitched in place to the back pleat.
kick pleat lining

Front view
Simplicity 2125

Back view
Simplicity 2125

After a few fitting adjustments to the side seams, I trimmed them to 5/8. I hope to be able to take this skirt up in the future but I don't plan to let it out!


  1. Brilliant construction in this skirt - well done!!! Love the fabric choice as well...

  2. Hi Jan - you asked me on my blog about the PR Best of 2011 - here is a direct link (fingers crossed!!!) -


    I don't think they have announced the top 10 patterns yet - can't wait to see what was chosen...

  3. Thanks for the link. I don't know how I missed that. I'm glad to see the Sorbetto top on the list. I need to try it soon!

  4. I love this technique. When I tried it out, I blogged about it as well. I was completely sold after the first time using this method! Your skirt is beautiful!

    1. I blogged about it as well. I guess the Threads article was timely for many of us. I think I will continue to use this technique as it definitely makes refitting so easy.

  5. Interesting that you just blogged about this, as I just did a remake of a skirt and blogged it about it on Saturday or Sunday. I so like this technique. Obviously others are trying this as well.


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