Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hannah's First Dress!!

I always knew hoped this day would come! My 21 year old daughter asked me to teach her to sew! Of course, I stopped what I was doing and and told her to pick out a pattern and fabric. I had to get her started before she changed her mind.

Hannah wears a size 4 and I don't find very many patterns which come in size 4 but I did have Simplicity 2584 in my stash. She wanted to use my nice Anna Maria Horner cotton print but I convinced her to choose a less expensive fabric for her first dress. After digging through my goodwill bag, she came up with a cotton floral print that worked great for her first dress.

We kept it pretty simple. I helped her shorten the deep slit in the front but other than that one adjustment, she sewed up the size 4 and it fit perfectly.

Simplicity 2584

She even traced the pattern so that I could use it again for myself. She doesn't care much for basting or hand sewing. She likes to just pin and stitch. I can work with that for now.

She wore her new dress out tonight for dinner with friends. She was quite proud when she left all dressed up in a dress that she made herself. I was quite proud too!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby Gift Basket

Baby are such fun to sew for! I have a new great nephew and had lots of fun putting together a gift basket for him. I found the cutest fabrics for a baby gift at Whittle's Fabrics. (I went to the actual store in Chalybeate, Ky., not sure if they are available on the website) The tutorial for the structured fabric basket can be found at Sew4Home, one of my favorite websites for sewing project ideas.

Embroidered baby gift basket

I couldn't find cotton chenille or a good quality terrycloth for the burpcloth/towel. I bought a nice, soft towel and cut a generous size which can be used as a towel or to cover Mom and Dad's shoulder for burping. The appliques are from Planet Applique. I love their appliques, so well digitized and easy to embroider.

Embroidered burp cloth

Check out the little snap on the bib. I once bought these colored snaps in quantity from Snapsource when my girls were babies for all those little outfits that snapped in the crotch/leg area. I just happened to have a bright yellow that matched perfectly. Snapsource has a handy little tool to make attaching super easy.

Bib snap

I found a tutorial for this flannel-lined changing pad here.  It has a little pocket for diapers, wipes, etc. and fits in the diaper bag for travel.

baby changing pad

The changing pad fastens with a button and a ponytail rubber band. Be sure and use a flat button so that it doesn't poke baby!

The new mommy knits and sews beautifully and blogs about it here.  Check out all of her adorable baby blankets, sweaters, knitted toys, etc.