Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Sewing Emergency! and a New Summer Top

I had a little sewing emergency over the weekend with the Bernina that I use for most of my sewing. The machine is fine but it stopped communicating with the embroidery unit. And, of course, I have a stack of projects that I need to monogram. I drove 75 miles on Monday to get it to a reputable Bernina dealer who promised to have it ready in about a week. Of course, he also showed me the new generation of Bernina embroidery systems in a non-pushy sort of way. I was quite impressed with the Bernina 780. Things have come a long way since I purchased my system in 2003.
  • The bobbin holds 80% more thread.
  • Freearm embroidery
  • Dual feed
  • 1000 stitches per minute
  • USB connections
I have begun my research but, hopefully, my old machine will be a simple fix, maybe a short in the cable.

I miss my Bernina and really wanted to sew a summer top last night. I have a lightweight Brother travel machine on loan to my daughter. I pulled out my Singer Genie that I purchased in 1973 or 1974 when I was in college. Last year, I had it supposedly "restored" but knew that it still wasn't quite right. Oh my, it sounds like a freight train with all it's parts about to fall off. It had no stability to sew even a straight seam. Frustrated, I put it away and pulled out my dependable Singer featherweight which was made the year I was born. It sewed beautifully!!!

Singer featherweight

For the neckline of this top, I always make bias binding rather than facing as the pattern suggests.

Kwik Sew 2866 neck binding

This is one of my fabrics that I purchased last summer at FabricMart in Honolulu. It is a woven rayon and feels wonderful. I don't know why I waited so long to sew it up. Kwik Sew 2866 is such a quick pattern and can be made in about 1 1/2 hours. 

Kwik Sew 2866

I can't seem to get that Bernina 780 off my mind. Any advice from others who have this machine or have taken it for a test drive?


  1. I love that top!

    I say go for the Bernina (haven't tried the one you mentioned, but I have a Bernette and I love it.)

    1. It is an amazing machine but a lot of $$$$. However, sewing is my life, my passion, my therapy....

  2. What is it about sewing machines...I just love them. I've struggled with 'wanting' the Juki HZL-600 for a while now, finally took the leap yesterday. The most expensive machine I've ever purchased! I don't do embroidery work or I would have been with you, looking at the Bernina embroidery-capable machines! I would love to have a Singer Featherweight. I guess that means I'll be shopping eBay sometime this year looking for one :-) For now I guess I'll have to console myself with the 4 machines I have...oh gosh, Jan, let us know what happens with that 780!

    1. Congrats on the Juki purchase! I've never sewn on a Juki but heard great things about them. I can't believe how expensive the Berninas are, especially since I've read on Patternreview forums about all the bugs that have to be worked out for a year or so after a new one comes out. I love my little Featherweight. I bought it last year on Ebay and it is in almost perfect condition. It is 60 years old and sews like it is brand new!


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