Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sew4Home Fabric Basket

This week, my American Sewing Guild group meets to make this cute little fabric basket from Sew4Home. I decided to make one ahead of time to familiarize myself with the project. There are two sizes included in the free instructions. This is the small size. It's a sturdy little basket for holding sewing supplies, knitting projects, patterns, etc.

Sew4Home Fabric Basket

Sew4Home has many creative, tasteful projects for the home. The instructions are very clear with lots of pictures. They are also free! These are just a few of my favorites.

Kitchen Towels with Rick-Rack

30 Minute Neck Pillows

Vintage Shoulder Dust Covers

Cheater Quilt

Did you check out Sew4Home? What are your favorite projects?


  1. Your little basket is adorable. Another great job! I am admiring of your staging for the photo too with the peonies in the background.

  2. Thanks, Denise. Those are my great-grandmother's peonies, passed down through my grandmother and my mother.

  3. This is really sweet...thanks for the other links too!


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