Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Look 6104

I finally found time to get back to a little sewing and blogging after catching up on spring chores. I bought this pretty eyelet fabric at Hancock Fabrics to make my very petite daughter a blouse.

New Look 6104

We both really liked New Look 6104 for this fabric, however, the smallest size is a size 10. She probably needs a size 6 and that would still have plenty of ease but since she doesn't wear blouses snug, we went with one size down. I should have tried two sizes down (size 6) since I still had to take up all the seams. I wanted to learn more about pattern grading so I did a little research and found these extremely helpful sources for grading up or down sizes.

Patternreview -  I used this method to grade my pattern down a size.

Megan Neilsen Design Diary - I didn't think this method was the best choice for this blouse but I think it could be extremely useful as a quick fix for a simple design.

I should have moved the dart up about 1/2 inch. After I finished this blouse, I found this method for moving darts, not pivoting but actually moving them. I have already tried it on another project and it works great!

Hopefully, I'm back in the sewing groove now. I had a few spring projects that I needed to get done quickly. One of them was to make a walking path through the "meadow" behind my house so that I can get a little exercise. I just don't think sitting at the sewing machine burns very many calories!

Walking path

What is on your to-do list for spring?


  1. The tucks came out perfectly! lovely blouse! maybe every time you take a break from sewing a garment, like between cutting the fabric and actually sewing it together, you can take a walk, just to get some fresh air and stretch.

  2. My favorite activities are, without a doubt, sewing and walking my new path (in that order)!

  3. Its lovely :) Tucks are awesome on the top. I feel like taking up tucks soon -diya

    1. Thank you! I think tucks are definitely worth the time and effort!


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