Thursday, February 28, 2013

My New Favorite Tracing Paper

I finally found it! I knew there had to be something available for tracing patterns that didn't cost more per yard than the fabric! I stop in Big Lots once in a while to buy $1 cookie mixes and ran across parchment paper for baking which was on sale for $2.30. I picked up a couple of rolls along with my cookie mixes. I needed to size down a basic skirt pattern for my daughter so I decided to try out the parchment paper. It worked great! Easy to see through, easy to write on, easy to fold up my new pattern when finished. I like to place my original pattern on my gridded cutting board so that it's easier to draw straight seam lines and grain lines when tracing or altering patterns.

I went back twice and bought several more rolls. Actually, I think I bought all they had. I think I'm pretty well set for patternmaking and tracing for a while.

And, guess what! It works pretty well for cookie baking too!

Don't you just love to find uses for things other than what they are intended for?


  1. LOL I have 3 rolls in my pantry, same reason! It's so nice and wide!

    1. Kinda dreaded tracing patterns until I found this parchment paper!

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome. Love your blog!


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