Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hannah's First Dress!!

I always knew hoped this day would come! My 21 year old daughter asked me to teach her to sew! Of course, I stopped what I was doing and and told her to pick out a pattern and fabric. I had to get her started before she changed her mind.

Hannah wears a size 4 and I don't find very many patterns which come in size 4 but I did have Simplicity 2584 in my stash. She wanted to use my nice Anna Maria Horner cotton print but I convinced her to choose a less expensive fabric for her first dress. After digging through my goodwill bag, she came up with a cotton floral print that worked great for her first dress.

We kept it pretty simple. I helped her shorten the deep slit in the front but other than that one adjustment, she sewed up the size 4 and it fit perfectly.

Simplicity 2584

She even traced the pattern so that I could use it again for myself. She doesn't care much for basting or hand sewing. She likes to just pin and stitch. I can work with that for now.

She wore her new dress out tonight for dinner with friends. She was quite proud when she left all dressed up in a dress that she made herself. I was quite proud too!


  1. She looks awesome...nice job Hannah!

  2. Lovely!!

    I am super jealous of your Goodwill score! :)

  3. The dress looks fabulous. I hope it's the first of many sewing projects for Hannah. I have 5 daughters, and of the four older girls, only one likes to sew. So I know the pride and joy you feel, Jan. :)


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