Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scrappy Loyalty Wallet

Last night I made the Scrappy Loyalty Wallet from this blog. It was so quick and so cute. Lots of possibilities for scraps and trims. The tutorial is very clear. I plan to make lots more of these for gifts. I used a heavy interfacing as recommended and the wallet came out nice and crisp. I think the next one I make I will cut a scant triangle of interfacing off the corners to make turning easier.

These are some of my scraps I thought I didn't like anymore until I made this wallet! They are left over from a quilt my daughter made years ago. I found the perfect button in my stash!

Here is the finished product. Can't wait to make more! Thank you to ASpoonfulofSugarDesigns for the great tutorial.

Four little pockets on the inside


  1. What a cute project. I would love to add this to my purse.

  2. Your welcome Jan! Love the fabric you have used.

  3. I think I better start watching this blog! :) Maybe I should start up on my blog again.

  4. Aloha from Josie. You have talent. Love the fabrics you used.

    Thanks for sharing


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