Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun flowers

These little pins are so much fun to make from little fabric scraps. I usually wear mine on a white linen jacket but they look great on headbands, too.

 For this pin, I tore a strip of fabric an inch or so wide. As I twisted the fabric strip, I started winding it from the inside and tacking in place until it was the size I wanted. I added a small pearl button in the center. On the back, I stitched a small circle of felt and added a clasp pin.

I found the tutorial for this Kanzashi flower here.  It is made from a light to medium weight linen. Have I mentioned that I love linen? I also added a pearl button to the center of this pretty flower and a pin on the back to attach it to my jacket.

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  1. Love your Kanzashi flower - the colour is simply stunning.


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