Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Sewing

We had a double birthday celebration last Sunday for my daughters whose birthdays are July 11 and July 12. Sarah snapped this picture of Hannah's cake and posted it on her new photography blog.

No birthday is complete without a little something handmade. I made each daughter a Scrappy Loyalty Wallet and filled it with gift cards to their favorite stores.  This is such a fun, quick project to sew.
sewing a fabric walletsewing a fabric wallet

Hannah designed a little project for Sarah and it turned out great! Sarah has two awfully cute kitties so Hannah made a little embroidered pillow with their "pictures" on it. The back of the pillow is made from the scraps of a quilt (in the background) that Sarah made last fall.
cat pillow
sewing a pillow

What are your favorite little birthday gift ideas?

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  1. The birthday cushion is so cute! What a joy to have creative daughters. Hope your girls had wonderful birthdays. What a busy week in your family.


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